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CDC Public Health Specialist, HIV/AIDS Adult Treatment Lead

Duties & Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of the Branch Chief, Care and Treatment Branch, incumbent is the lead for the HIV/AIDS Adult Treatment Team, a Senior Project Manager and the key Public Health Advisor on HIV/AIDS Treatment Program.

Incumbent oversees a team of 3-4 Locally Employed Staff (LE Staff) and provides comprehensive public health technical, administrative and managerial advice and assistance in support of treatment activities provided under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). Responsibilities include day-to-day program management and development, monitoring, reporting and close interagency collaboration within and outside of PEPFAR.

Program Management   

Incumbent serves as a public health expert technical advisor for the development, implementation, and monitoring of U.S. government (USG)-supported HIV/AIDS treatment activities by taking a proactive role in Treatment initiatives.  The position oversees a team of at least three staff members including specialists in HIV treatment scale-up, retention and adherence on treatment, and viral load coverage and suppression. Incumbent must have a good grasp on all of these topics in order to provide guidance and oversight to the team in each of these central programmatic priorities.

Incumbent is the Treatment program technical advisor to the South African Department of Health, District Support Partners, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the implementation of Treatment programs and activities through one or more PEPFAR grants/cooperative agreements and contracts, as well as partners funded by USG or Global Fund as indicated.

Incumbent provides technical evaluation of assigned proposals for treatment programs of PEPFAR partners, working with representatives to make sure that most current treatment protocols are included and recommends amendments/approval to supervisor.  Responsibilities include day-to-day program management and development, monitoring, reporting and close collaboration with PEPFAR partners to ensure implementation is carried out in accordance with program strategic objectives and internationally recognized best practices in treatment.

Partners include other PEPFAR agencies, host government ministries (including the Department of Health, Social Development and Education), Global Fund, International Organizations (IO) and NGOs, and the private sector involved in treatment of HIV/AIDS in country. Incumbent represents the PEPFAR-CDC South Africa on HIV treatment issues at technical, policy and strategic planning meetings, including meetings with collaborators and donor agencies.


Incumbent provides technical guidance and direction to grantees, program collaborators and contractors on management and implementation of activities to be consistent with PEPFAR policies and guidance and host country policies and regulations.  Incumbent will likely have direct oversight as the main activity manager for 1 large PEPFAR partner and 2-3 smaller PEPFAR partners. Incumbent deals with high level counterparts in all areas.

Incumbent works closely with host government Department of Health (and other ministries as appropriate), international organizations and NGOs, and private sector providers to make sure PEPFAR treatment programs are being carried out as designed. In liaison with the Strategic Information unit advisors and other subject matter experts within other CDC branches, the Incumbent develops program evaluation strategies, methodologies, and indicators for monitoring programs in accordance with standard guidelines and protocols; and recommends procedural modifications as warranted to align with treatment protocols.

Incumbent monitors activities by each partner organization on a regular basis to ensure goals and objectives are being met and treatment protocols are followed. This involves periodic site visits and meetings with representatives of each organization to review progress and provide updated technical information, ensuring that treatment courses follow established protocol and that medical staff are provided with updated information on treatment of HIV infected patient. The time spent providing oversight in the field may be up to 50% of the Incumbent’s time.

Incumbent makes sure that all District Support Partners, for which the Incumbent is responsible, and NDOH medical facilities are following guidelines and best practices and have adequate facilities and staffing. Responsibilities include conducting reviews and giving feedback on all data generated by partners on at least a quarterly basis and on a weekly basis at select high-volume sites;  conducting regular training sessions to ensure staff are up-to-date with treatment protocol; and developing partner-specific strategies to address challenges in implementation based on the data reviews and in line with NDOH partnership.

Incumbent collaborates with District Support Partners to make sure that program results are achieved and that all appropriate programmatic activities and study protocols meet human subject requirements and passthrough ethical review with the appropriate agency authority.

Incumbent serves as the Activity Manager and main point of contact for selected Treatment branch cooperative agreements and contracts. Once cooperative agreement is in place, oversees performance of cooperating partners/contractors, carries out technical reviews, reviews progress, identifies potential issues and informs supervisor, recommending actions for amelioration.

Administrative Management  

As the team lead, Incumbent serves as the direct supervisor for at least three positions and is responsible for administrative oversight of each of these positions including providing mentorship and support, leave approval, routine meetings to review the team-members portfolios, semi-annual performance reviews, and annual work development plans.

Incumbent is responsible for providing oversight and monitoring the budgets allocated to Treatment implementing/cooperative agreement partners within the Incumbent’s portfolio. This includes reviewing budget requests for appropriateness, monitoring use of funds for adherence to proposed activities, quarterly pipeline reviews/budget status reports, following up on irregular findings, and providing advice for realignments of budgets, accruals.

Incumbent is responsible for developing evaluation strategies in order to collect data and prepare reports as required on monthly, quarterly, annual basis; and manages the data collection process, ensuring personal data integrity and security of information in the reporting databases is carefully guarded.

Prepares briefings for VIP visitors, participates in making arrangements for visits and serves as spokesman as required on matters within his/her technical expertise.

Prepares regular and ad hoc reports on progress of each PEPFAR treatment partner activities. These will be included in regular reports to CDC/Atlanta and ultimately to the U.S. Congress.

Provides work guidance to program managers for all PEPFAR partners working on treatment funded activities (5-10) and oversees 5-10 PEPFAR-funded projects of short- and long-term duration.

Interagency Coordination      

As a regional and international expert on matters pertaining to HIV treatment, Incumbent represents the PEPFAR- CDC South Africa at technical, policy and strategic planning meetings, including meetings with collaborators and donor agencies. Briefs senior agency officials on the results of such meetings and prepares written reports for submission to other interested parties.

Incumbent represents the agency in discussing and developing financial commitment proposals for HIV treatment programs at administrative and strategic planning meetings. This includes all USG agencies (Departments of State, Defense, Labor, Commerce, and Health and Human Services (including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Health Resources and Services Administration, National Institutes of Health, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Food and Drug Administration), USAID, and Peace Corps).

Participates in internal and interagency technical working groups to ensure adherence to internationally accepted/directed standards for treatment of HIV positive patients.

Serves as the primary liaison between the Department of Health and the interagency PEPFAR working group in country on all areas related to HIV treatment.

Serves as the primarily liaison between the in-country technical working group (TWG) on treatment and the HQ-based TWGs. Provides technical expertise and guidance to HQ and other country teams.

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