Physiotherapy Jobs in South Africa

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Physiotherapist Position – Cape Town

Duties & Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities: (Not limited to) 

  • Be flexible – need for a physio approximately 6-8 hours per day (Monday – Friday and occasional Saturday) as dictated by diary
  • To provide a physiotherapy service to patients of an acute to chronic nature
  • To collaborate with an interdisciplinary team to assess and treat patients within a biopsychosocial framework using the DBC protocols
  • To provide a physiotherapy hypothesis and develop a patient-focused treatment program
  • Represent the practice in a professional capacity on all levels, including administration, marketing, behaviour, social media, telephone etiquette, and dress code.


  • To undertake an assessment, using clinical reasoning and manual assessment techniques to provide a physiotherapy hypothesis of their condition
  • With the appropriate support of the interdisciplinary team to formulate a prognosis and recommend the best course of intervention
  • To formulate and deliver individual physiotherapy treatment programs with evidence-based treatment options available, i.e. physiotherapy manual techniques and rehabilitation
  • To evaluate the patients, progress by reassessing and altering the treatment program if required
  • To encourage patients with an active approach to regaining and maintaining function
  • To work within the HPCSA guidelines
  • To attain competencies for the safe use of physiotherapy & DBC equipment and techniques before use.
  • Treatment planning and execution must be synchronised between doctors and physiotherapists.
  • Should opinions differ, discuss them amongst your colleagues using clinical reasoning
  • Treatment using the DBC machines and other rehabilitation programs


  • Ensure the guidelines of HPCSA for recordkeeping are utilised.
  • Record the correct ICD codes and tariff codes for each patient in their clinical notes and on platforms that the practice utilises for this purpose
  • Clinical notes, data capturing, and filing of patient documents need to be completed daily
  • Use of software tools such as MS Outlook & Office
  • All treatment incidents need to be reported to the direct manager without delay, and incident reports filed in the patient folder
  • Interims and outcomes must be completed accurately and timeously
  • Provide feedback to the: Referring practitioner (using the template);
  • Patients family with consent as applicable


  • Conduct all sessions with patients ethically
  • Always ensure client-therapist confidentiality
  • Always ensure the privacy of patients being treated
  • Ensure an ethical relationship with all colleagues
  • Ensure ethical report writing

Desired Experience & Qualifications

  • Registered Physiotherapist with the HPCSA
  • Experience – 2+ years in a similar role
  • Valid Medical malpractice insurance in place
  • South African citizen
  • Driver’s license
  • Excellent English verbal and written communication skills (be able to listen & express yourself clearly and concisely)
  • Ability to professionally deal with various types of patients, colleagues, and complaints
  • Pro-active
  • Positive attitude
  • Able to work independently
  • Conflict management
  • Get the job done
  • Takes ownership of tasks

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