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IT Infrastructure Security Operation Specialist

About the job

Analyzes risks, performs studies and implements solutions to ensure the security of IT and digital solutions (availability, integrity, confidentiality, traceability).


  • The advanced threats, risks and security vulnerabilities of the company’s IT and digital solutions are known and evaluated.
  • A technical watch is done to anticipate the evolution of the risks.
  • The safety requirements and their implementation are a good compromise between the costs, the acceptance by the users and the level of residual risk.
  • The tools and methods needed to ensure the security of IT and digital projects and solutions are implemented to control the level of risk.
  • Serious security incidents are resolved.
  • His/Her actions contribute to improving the behavior of people (users of IT and digital solutions, managers, professionals of IT and digital solutions) facing constantly changing security risks and threats.
  • Continuously looks for ways to evaluate and reduce risk to the company, and to improve security processes & methods
  • Continuously enlarges breadth of knowledge (technical & business related) through internal and external contacts

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