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Data Collection – Image

Full Job Description

Job Description – Images Collection Project

Middle East market

Wow AI is looking for native freelancers from the Middle East to work on our Images collection Project.

  • It is a remote and freelance job that you can work from anywhere you want.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Competitive rate.
  • About Wow AI

Wow AI is a trusted partner that provides high-quality data solutions for AI training on a large scale. About the Project *To collect 10 pictures of each user, including:

  • 2 ID face captures (you don’t need to take a full pic of ID, only the picture of your face – example below)
  • 4 indoor webcam
  • 2 outdoor phone cam
  • 2 indoor phone cam
  • If you don’t have a webcam, you can take video calls from WhatsApp/facebook etc using your phone and take a picture.
  • If you don’t have 2 different color ID pictures, you can take a front facing and a clean background, which will give a professional look.

More detail will be provided on the on-board step (after your application).

Purpose of the project: This project is focusing on collecting face images in order to develop a face recognition machine learning. The images will help to train and fine tune the created model of machine learning.

Important Requirement:

  • Users MUST be from the Middle East ONLY. (18-60+ years old)
  • Distance of the face from the camera should be between 20 to 100 cm. Minimum face size of 60x 60 pixels for recognition.
  • Please Don’t use old images. All images should be taken within 10 years
  • Background diversity (different background/angle – No duplicate backgrounds)
  • Clothing diversity (example: image wearing a sweater, image wearing a t-shirt)
  • Facial expressions (neutral, slight smile, etc.)
  • Headshot pose variations (face frontal, looking slightly left/right, looking slightly up/down).
  • Specific to this region: Headcover is acceptable if the face visible (hijab is acceptable)
  • Pose: Front facing (Yaw & pitch between 0 to 20 degrees on either side).
  • Hair Style: bald, short hair, medium hair, and long hair.
  • Head gear: None (no hats, no hoods, no caps)
  • Eye wear: No Dark glasses, transparent glasses are okay and partial faces
  • Facial Hair: Clean Shaven, OR with a mustache but no beard OR Beard and mustache.
  • Environment Settings: Indoors (webcam and phone) and outdoors (phone only), Day and night.
  • Lighting: Poorly lit to well-lit images. Bright back light (facing the camera)
  • Sharpness – Images should be sharp – Don’t submit any blurry images.
  • No scan, only color images accepted.
  • Resolution: minimum 128×128 pixels.

Example of one qualified set:

3. How to apply

Please check the more details in this application form and apply if you are interested in.
The project management team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please be well noticed that we will only contact candidates who pass the application form.

4. Important Notes

  • We will proceed with mass payment via the international payment gateway Payoneer/ bank with no exception. We will be in charge of paying for the transfer fee. The receipt fee (if has) is covered by the receivers, it is the fee charged by the third party (payoneer/ intermediary bank) and we can not interfere in that charging process. The fee varies from user to user, from country to country.
  • Please make sure to do all of the needful steps to verify your Payoneer account to avoid any issues leading to the delay in the payment. If the payment fails due to your Payoneer issues, it will be proceeded again in the next payment circle.
  • We will only use the confidentiality of information and privacy of freelancers’ CV/profile for the project that they applied for, and commit to not using it for other purposes. When you apply for the job, it means that you agree to allow us to use your personal information (such as email to communicate with you) in this project and do not have any complaints after reading and agreeing with the rules set out by the project.
  • When freelancers confirm to onboard in our projects, it means that they agree and accept all the conditional terms in using their Data Files for the AI/ML purposes. Wow AI or our partners reserves all rights, title and interest that it may have in the Data Files. Further, freelancers hereby assign and transfer the Data Files to Wow AI, and Wow AI (or our Partners) will be the exclusive owner of, all rights, title and interest in the Data Files and all modifications to the Content and Data Files and all end products.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: From RO4.000 per hour

Application Question(s):

  • What is your nationality

To apply for this job please visit