Boilermaker Jobs in South Africa

South Africa Zijin Platinum (Pty) Ltd


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Conduct Start of Shift Waiting Place Procedure i.e.: safety meetings and general communication to team.
  • Perform risk assessments with a boilermaker and engineer (Activity Based and Mini) and PTOs in line with company safe operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Pro-actively identify risk, variance to plan and discuss the impact thereof.
  • Clean work areas and equipment after completing tasks.
  • Ensure that workshop conditions are maintained to a high and acceptable standard.
  • Ensure adherence to related legislation and company policies, procedures, and COP’s.
  • Complete product by washing, cleaning, chiselling, grinding, and filling.
  • Ensure best practices and safe maintenance practices are utilized on equipment.
  • People:
    • Manage labour stability:
      • Achieve HDSA/Female targets for the Engineering Department.
      • Interact well with employer, employees & Stakeholders.
      • Positive, approachable and enforce discipline.
      • Ensure that health and safety standards are always adhered to.
    • Manage performance against set targets and competencies:
      • Participate in routine workplace safety activities.
      • Manage complexity at varying levels and adapt quickly to changes in job priorities.
      • Identify deviations or non-conformances, plan and implementing corrective actions to ensure attainment of engineering plan.
      • Inspect equipment and instruments to detect defects / malfunctioning and report to boilermaker and or Engineer accordingly.
  • Work overtime and shifts as required.
  • Control the utilisation of allocated resources.
  • Engineering Management:
    • Conduct general massive Engineering operations.
    • Examine, bar, make safe and declare workplaces safe and healthy for work and maintenance.
  • Strategic Planning:
    • Assist with the compiling of the Engineering Strategic Plan (2-3) years as boilermaker.
  • Tactical Planning:
    • Ensure that the necessary safety precautions are taken before any task is performed on maintenance.
    • Monitor and maintain a safe and healthy working environment in the workplace in decline.
    • Test and monitor tools under direct supervision of qualified supervisor/manager.
  • Be able to do lock out procedure on equipment.
  • Take cognisance of and adhere to Company policies, procedures, and relevant legislation.
  • Manage and report on non-compliance issues to Supervisor/Manager.
  • Work within budget and avoid material wasting.
  • Ensure no damages to equipment.
  • Report any breakdown to Supervisor/Manager as soon as if happens.
  • Establish and maintain good working relationships and an effective / sound communication system with the technical, engineering and Mining Function.
  • Ensure equipment is clean and washed before use and check list filled up before operating.
  • Report any discrepancies and/or damages to Supervisor/Manager.
  • Any other responsibility that can be reasonably expected in this role / function.

Minimum Requirements


  • Grade 10 / Technical Trade specific N2 qualification or equivalent.
  • Boilermaker Trade Certified Competent Certificate.
  • Valid Driver’s Licence (Code 8).


  • Minimum 2 years’ experience as Boilermaker / Boilermaker Assistant.
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in a mine / plant environment.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • English: Fully Proficient.
  • Sepedi: Fully Verbal – Advantageous.
  • Fanakalo: Fully Verbal – Advantageous.
  • Basic computer literacy.
  • Report writing skill.
  • Risk assessment skill.
  • Able to work under pressure.

Additional Requirements:

  • Medically Fit to work in an Underground Mine.

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