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Sales Manager

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Job Description:

Her/his duty is to ensure, in accordance with the national and international legislations and the rules and regulations of the Company, that the sales increase of the Company is contributed by researching the market conditions of the region and developing commercial relations within the scope of the international sales management s/he reports to.

  • Ensures that the agency/firm sales are reported by using the Company’s data sources (DWH, MIDT, BSP, DDS, E-Smash, etc.), that the market and market share of the Company is monitored, and that the necessary measures are taken if fall is detected in the sales, by establishing coordination inside/outside the Company.
  • Ensures that the agency visits are planned, paid, reported, that the agencies’ feedbacks are transmitted, and that actions are taken when necessary.
  • Ensures that the approval of the incentive implementation is prepared in compliance with the market conditions, that the approval received is implemented, and that the determined agencies are informed of the approval in a timely manner.
  • Ensures, by establishing coordination inside/outside the Company, that the agencies’ Net Flight Revenues (NFR) reported on monthly/annual basis are notified to the agencies, and that the necessary measures are taken if decrease/increase is detected.
  • Ensures that Promotion Tours are organized, and that the trade relations are improved within the scope of the Company’s needs, agencies’ requests, and market evaluations.
  • Ensures, by establishing coordination inside/outside the Company, that the political, economic and sectoral developments in his/her responsibility region are monitored, their impacts on the Company’s sales are determined, reported and the necessary measures are taken, that the loss to be caused in the Company’s flights by the economic fluctuations are evaluated, that the situations likely to have impacts on the sales are detected, and that the suggestions beneficial to the Company are developed.
  • Makes contributions to determination and update of the charges and charging rules by using the necessary promotion channels after considering the market conditions, rivalry analysis and political-economic situation in the region for which s/he is responsible.
  • Ensures that the necessary market research is made to reach the passengers with high unit income, and that the Company’s products are promoted to this passenger group, and makes improvement suggestions.
  • Ensures that the performances, sales tendencies of the sales channels (Agency, TMC, Tour Operators, OLTA, Consolidator, etc.) are increased, and the relevant opportunities are utilized.
  • Ensures that annual work plans and action plans are prepared, implemented and monitored
  • Represents the Company when necessary by participating in the platforms (fairs, workshops, symposiums, social events, etc.) that fall within her/his area of responsibility
  • Reviews the line performance by ensuring the planning, implementation and reporting of the sales-boosting activities in line with the budgeted targets and the commercial policies pursued, and follows the developments.
  • Ensures that the sales distribution channels used in his/her region, the developments in the sector and the new technologies/opportunities are followed, and that the necessary departments are informed.
  • Ensures that promotion activities targeting the corporate customers are carried out to increase the Company’s incomes and market share.
  • Ensures that the passenger loyalty program is introduced to passengers and agencies.
  • Ensures that the group reservation, serial group and protocol requests are collected and evaluated, that the appropriate charges are fixed and entered into the relevant system, and that the agencies included in the process are monitored.
  • Plays role in execution and monitoring of the commercial protocol agreements (with public institutions/organizations, non-governmental organizations, local sponsorships, agencies, tour operators, etc.).
  • Plays role in the process of concluding the Troya/QuickRes contracts with the agencies.
  • Drive corporate sales, win new customers and manage corporate accounts exceeding revenue growth target
  • Identify and develop new leads via direct sales activities (in person customer, lead meetings contact by phone, networking events and client referrals
  • Negotiate corporate contracts, respond to calls for tender (RFPs)
  • Participate in trade shows, conferences, and industry/community events to promote the corporate program as well as to leverage networking opportunities
  • Completing the Group/Agency Visit /Corporate visit summary entries on Turkish Airlines web reporting systems
  • Effectively manage existing corporate account portfolio
  • Ensure corporate customer satisfaction through after sales activities

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree graduation
  • Good command of English and local language(s)
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in sales with a recognized airline or travel industry
  • Permanent residence permit in the respective country (The Company will not provide or assist with work permits)
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Ability to work independently and under pressure
  • Ability to make decisions accurately and effectively
  • Self-Improvement and motivation
  • Adaptation to teamwork
  • Planning and coordination skills

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